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Preventing and Monitoring for Stored Grain Pests

Excerpts from the Candian Grain Commission website

Insect pests in stored grain need certain living conditions to feed, reproduce and survive. In some cases you may have unwittingly provided an ideal living environment for insects even before grain is stored. The following measures are effective and simple ways of preventing pest development:

  1. Thoroughly cleaning the inside of the bin
  2. Removing spills or grain lying outside of bins
  3. Cleaning and treating structures before filling them. This is especially important prior to harvest.

Weed management around bins is as important as controlling weeds in the field. Weeds or volunteer cereal grains around bins, as in this photo, attract insect pests. Various weed seeds discovered in a grain shipment can result in a prohibition of export. Keeping areas around grain bins clean helps prevent insect infestations in stored grain.

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