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SARDA Variety Trial Yield Results

The SARDA Ag Research Variety Trials were created by the SARDA Ag Research staff and funded by it’s partners. SARDA has been involved in the regional variety trials (RVTs) organized by the government of Alberta since 1988 however not all locally grown varieties are included in the RVTs. In 2017 we localized our data further by comparing varieties most commonly grown in our region. This gives growers local results to assist in choosing between varieties.
Yields are expressed as a percentage of check for two reasons. One, this make the data comparable to the regional variety trials hosted by the government of Alberta and the results in the Alberta Seed Guide. And two, SARDA small plot trials are  purposefully conducted on the most consistent and highest performing land possible, which allows the differences in varieties to be highlighted instead of other limiting factors such as water, nutrients or other potential deficiencies. This results in yields that are higher than the average field scale yields therefore a percent of check comparison is more useful to the grower than the absolute yields. 

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